Friday, June 3 2016

Is Snoring Something I Must Be Worried Of?

Snoring is often taken for granted as it may seem normal and does not pose any serious threat. However, there is a possibility for it to worsen especially for habitual snorers.

There are a lot of factors that affects the breathing process of a sleeping person such as:

• Being overweight

• Having a poor muscle tone in the tongue and throat area

• A soft palate

• Long ovula or the hanging tissue at the back of the mouth

• A blocked nasal airways

Though snoring may seem harmless and can only be seen as a nuisance for their bed partners, it can actually result to health risk if not avoided. Ultimately, it can lead to a sleeping disorder called sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea, a serious sleeping disorder, can create a number of problems like:

• Sleepwalking which is dangerous because the people who experience this may encounter accidents.

• The difficulty of breathing because of blocked airways.

• Disturbed sleep which can cause you sleepiness during the daytime.

• High blood pressure which may lead to the enlargement of the heart

• Light sleeping which impedes the regular sleep pattern.

Asking for a medical assistance is advised especially if you are a habitual snorer. Or, you can lessen or avoid snoring by having a pillow to help snoring.

An anti-pillow is specially designed for those who suffer from habitual snoring. It holds the tongue and jaw in place, helping you to breathe normally by keeping your airways open. This is best to use especially if your snoring has become worse.